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February 22, 2019
12 – 2 PM
The Training Center
466 Germantown Pike
Lafayette Hill, PA

Distilling Stage 2 in EFT
Presented by
Robin Sesan, Ph.D. and Beth Waks, LMFT, MSW

It is in Stage 2 of Emotionally Focused Therapy where we help the couple create lasting change through bonding events in sessions. The emotional vulnerability shared during Stage 2 can open each partner to one another in new and very powerful ways.  In this seminar we will address the following:

  • How do we know that couple is de-escalated and ready to move into Stage 2? 
  • What are the key concepts and therapeutic moves in Stage 2?
  • What does Stage 2 look like for a withdrawer?
  • What does Stage 2 look like for a pursuer?
  • The importance of the therapist’s emotional presence and accurate attunement during Stage 2 work

Following a brief dydactic presentation, we will watch a full Stage 2 session with EFT Trainer Marlene Best, identifying the key moves in Stage 2.  We will also have some time to explore our own barriers/blocks to accessing and staying with deeper emotion as we tune into our reactions to the video presentation. 

Therapists who are curious about EFT and have no previous background in the model are welcome to come and experience how helping couples access vulnerable emotion and share attachment needs and fears with their partner creates a transformation in the relationship.  For those who are early in their EFT journey, this training will provide insight into Stage 2 work and the process of accessing and staying with deeper emotion.  More experienced EFT therapists will view a Master therapist in action and develop more confidence in their own Stage 2 work. 

PCEFT would like to spread the word about EFT to therapists in the Philadelphia area. Please bring your friends and colleagues to this training! Quarterly trainings are always free to PCEFT members. 


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