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December 14, 2018
3 – 5 PM (followed by Holiday Social)
The Training Center
466 Germantown Pike
Lafayette Hill, PA

Using an Attachment Framework to Harness the “Magic” of EFT
Presented by
Ruth Jampol, Ph.D. and Wendy Merson, L.M.F.T.
Certified Emotionally Focused Therapists and Supervisors

If you ask an EFT therapist what it was like to learn EFT, you’ll often hear the word “magical.”  As therapists begin to practice the model, they describe moments of transformation – when couples move from frustration and conflict to warmth and connection – that happen before their eyes. Many elements create these moments, but perhaps the most important is the therapist’s ability to see the couple’s conflicts in terms of attachment yearnings and needs.

Through video clips, clinical examples and experiential exercises, this workshop will help participants sort through the content couples present in session and identify the underlying attachment fears and longings which drive negative interactional patterns and hold the keys to transforming them.

Therapists who are curious about EFT and have no previous background in the model are welcome to come and experience how an attachment framework can change the way we see and respond to our couples. For those who are early in their EFT journey, this training will provide practice in “putting on our attachment lenses” when we sit with our couples. More experienced EFT therapists are welcome to come and review this central EFT skill.

PCEFT would like to spread the word about EFT to therapists in the Philadelphia area. Please bring your friends and colleagues to this training! Quarterly trainings are always free to PCEFT members. As a holiday special, members may also bring one non-member for free. Please take advantage of this offer and help us spread the word about the magic of EFT!   


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